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About Us

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We've always been the average, American couple; even in the ballooning of our weight. We met in the Air Force when both of us were in fairly good physical condition. Once we returned to civilian life, however, we followed the trend along with the rest of the nation: our weight ballooned out of control, and we joined the growing ranks of the obese. I (J.T.) literally doubled my body weight, going from 140 pounds to 280. She (Kerie) made it up to 260. We knew something wasn't right about it, but the problem is so prevalent and accepted in our society that it was easy to brush off our concerns. It seemed that we were doing ok and felt good enough, so why not go with the flow and be happy?

Time to Face Reality
We began to see the ill-effects of heart disease run their course in our family. People we love have died while others are struggling to manage the results of years of physical inactivity. We also started to see the tragic consequences of type II diabetes, a disease that is linked to being overweight. According to the CDC, of those diagnosed with type II diabetes, nearly 90% are overweight. That makes this tragic disease largely preventable. It is a slow, rotting death if it fully runs its course. We knew we had to change. If we were going to live vibrant, full lives, and continue to enjoy the things we love, the obesity had to go.

Where Do You Start?
We were faced with a myriad of weight-loss options. The method du jour is surgery, either gastric bypass or lap band. There are also pills, eat-this-don't-eat-that-diets, and tons of exercise fads and equipment. We wondered, however, what happened to just eating less and exercising? The more we looked into all the different ways to approach losing weight, the more we discovered that the most intuitive and time-tested approach was the most effective and produced results that lasted the longest. Once we saw it, we began to see it everywhere, from TV shows such as The Biggest Loser and Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition to standard, medical approaches to weight loss that have been around for decades. The problem is that the truth gets diluted, lost, and buried under all the junk that is designed to make money and become the next big thing in one of the largest consumer markets in the U.S.

Our Journey
We started our path to fitness on October 2, 2011. My goal was to lose 135 pounds. Kerie's goal was to lose 105. As of September 2012, I have lost all 135 pounds. Kerie has 6 more to go. We've discovered that the journey is more than an issue of weight loss. While that is the cornerstone and main measurement of success, we've discovered a new life in being physically fit. It sounds cliche, but the truth is that we are whole new people. We feel renewed and regenerated from the inside out. This is more than just weight loss. This is a pursuit of life.

We are asked all the time how we did it. For many, the question is not one of mere curiosity. They ask because they are where we were. They know something has to change, but they don't know where to turn. They feel desperate, yet at the same time almost hopeless. Most have tried something but failed. There is a sense of despair. After being asked many times to explain our weight loss, I wrote an extensive article. What I didn't expect was the response the article would get. Many found it to be refreshing, simple, and effective. We started to get requests for personal counseling, teaching friends and family a new approach to eating, physical activity, and living life. We couldn't keep it to ourselves.

Our Project
I am a filmmaker. Starting in high school, I went to school for video production. Later, I earned a Bachelor's in Business and a Master's Degree in Mass Communication. While I don't get to pursue filmmaking on a constant basis, I've had the pleasure of crafting several documentaries and a teaching series for a Christian ministry that has literally taken me to the other side of the world. As I reviewed the article I wrote on weight loss, I realized that it was well-suited for a video production. Our goal is to produce a documentary/teaching DVD that will become a weapon in the fight against obesity. It will be upbeat, simple, and even humorous. Our goal is to treat everyone who sees it with respect. That means no gimmicks, no hype, and all truth. The main program will efficiently outline what I presented in my article. Extra features will go into greater depth on some of the topics, giving examples and deeper teaching on topics presented in the main program.

How You Can Help
I am very blessed to have access to most everything I need to produce this film. Access and ability are most of the battle. It will take, however, some funding to make this project possible. You can help by donating to this project. Some donations earn producer credit. Haven't you always wanted to be listed as a producer in the credits of a film? You know you have! You can also pre-order the DVD. Every donation of $28 or more will get a copy of the DVD when it is complete. So it is really a pre-order that will also be supporting the production. All donations are an investment in the lives of those who are desperate and need help. We are ready to show them that health and fitness are attainable, and life can be different. Be sure to visit our support page.

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