Thursday, September 20, 2012

Flab to Fab production scheduled to start

We will start shooting the documentary/teaching program From Flab to Fab: An Easy to Understand Guide to Weight Loss this coming Saturday.

We will blog, post videos, and keep you informed of our progress here as well as on Facebook and Twitter.

The final project will be available on DVD and is designed to present information on losing weight and getting fit. It will be simple, easy to understand, and fun. We don't believe in gimmicks, hype, half-truths, bad science, or con artists. You just won't find that here.

Losing weight and getting fit is actually very easy to understand. Unfortunately, the obesity problem in the United States has created a huge market of varying information that has left many confused and frustrated.

The DVD will contain a main program that will be quick-paced and informative. There will plenty of extras on the DVD that will go deeper using demonstrations, thorough teaching and explanations, and much more.

Keep up with production by following this blog, Facebook, and Twitter. You can help see this project to the end by ordering a pre-release DVD that will be shipped once the project is complete.

If you haven't been to our main site, please go there and view our pre-production trailer.

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